Sunday September 25th – Worcester Youth Slam


Join us this week for a Back-to-School Slam where members of the 2011 Worcester Youth Slam team will compete against area educators for props and prizes. This event will benefit the Youth Slam to help pay off some of their expenses from their most recent trip to the Brave New Voice event.

We’ll also have a spotlight performance by Tara Hardy. Hardy is the working class queer femme poet who founded Bent, a writing institute for LGBTIQ people in Seattle, WA. She is the author of Bring Down the Chandeliers, published by Write Bloody Press in 2011, and is the current Writer-In-Residence at Richard Hugo House in Seattle. Harding is the 2011 recipient of the Washington Poets Association Burning Word Award, and was elected Seattle Poet Populist in 2002. She has performed on seven final stages during various National Poetry Slam competitions, and has been the Seattle Grand Slam Champion three times. Currently, Tara tours the U.S. as a poet, performer, keynote speaker, and teaching artist.

We will also hold a bake off that night to see whose desserts will reign supreme what amazing cooks we have in a midst. The money from refreshments pays for our use of the WCUW Front Room so we’d like to find out what folks like to snack upon (and are willing to pass along a few bucks for).

And this cake is for Jenith, because it’s her birthday today!


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