Feature on October 2nd – John “Survivor” Blake


No longer dwelling in the past is his new mission. This, John “Survivor” Blake’s sixth year on the poetry scene, secon –  John is about living in the now! This year is about addressing where some of us have gone wrong, facing what needs to change, and showing up for the work. He will not tell you about what stages he’s shared with whom, where he’s been published, or what slams he’s won. This is about who we are right now, as opposed to who we want others to believe we are. Judge him by the work he brings to your venue, what in evoked by what you feel, and where we all go from there. Let us stop utilizing presses and awards to tell us what writing is worth reading. May we, on this night of art and exposed hearts, examine why we love what we love instead of waiting for someone to tell us what is worth loving. Come share a fearless reading, without shame, criticisms, or dwelling in who we were yesterday. Let us be us now; be you in the room while John Survivor Blake shows us all who he is today!


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