December 11th – Mighty Mike McGee & the Longer Than Usual* Open Mic


Mighty Mike McGee** is the first slam poet to win both the American National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship (2003) and the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship (2006). From late 2007 to December 2008 he hosted the San Jose Poetry Slam, with Co-Slam Master Christopher Bundy. Mike has a mighty appetite, an uncanny relationship with ladybugs, several tattoos and siblings, and a passable Scottish accent. He breathes somewhere between Silicon Valley, California and Vancouver, B.C. as often as possible. Mike thoroughly enjoys weather, beverages, and the scent of mock orange blossoms in the spring. We welcome him back to Worcester!

And also… Have a poem that’s just a wee bit too long for the regular open mic? Bring out yer opus, yer saga, yer slightly-longer-than-polite – this week’s open mic is specially designed just for the pieces you would get a deep time penalty on if the open were scored. Instead of the 5-minute open mic, this week when you sign up, you can have 10.

*Please fight the urge to utter that one-liner that’s so in fashion right now. Thx ♥
**I know you wanted to know, so I did the research for you: all raccoons love Mighty Mike McGee.


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