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So if you’re playing along at home, you read about the bruhaha over at Slam Free or Die last night. Well, the story is spreading like wildfire – here’s some more of interest:

An excerpt from Manchester Poets Don’t Want Their MTV
Victor Infante on Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s Pop Culture Notebook

No one was more surprised to discover that Sunday’s event was a Ron Paul rally than Manchester poets and event organizers Mark Palos and Sam Teitel, both of whom are also fixtures on the Worcester and Boston poetry scenes.

“The intention of the event was to provide people from the local and New England community a place to read their poetry as a reaction to the Republican debate on Saturday night,” said Teitel of the event, which featured performances by Worcester poet Sarah Sapienza and Boston poets James Caroline and Harlym 125. If anything, Teitel and Palos felt that the tenor of the evening was largely liberal and anti-Republican.

“Not everybody was condemning the right wing,” says Palos, “but there was definitely a liberal slant to most of what was read. There was one person who went up and read a poem for Ron Paul, and everybody else in the audience groaned.”

Art in response to the rukus, by Mark Palos.

Teitel agrees, saying “There were some Occupy poems, a lot of anti-Republican sentiment. There were a few Ron Paul supporters who got up and shared their poetry. I was glad to see them there. I’m always happy to see everybody there. But leaving the door open for anyone to come in is very different from throwing an event to support Ron Paul.”

The organizers estimate the size of the crowd to have been between 50 and 70 people, and Palos estimates that there were only four or five Paul supporters in attendance. Which is a stark contrast to MTV’s claims that the crowd was entirely in favor of the presidential hopeful.

Read the rest of the article here.

An excerpt from MTV Pretends Poetry Night Was Ron Paul Event
Organizers Outraged Over Weird Article
From Kevin Spark on Newser

(Newser) – It sounds like the perfect quirky political story: Ron Paul supporters gather in a New Hampshire bar ahead of the primaries for a slam poetry reading. It didn’t happen or anything, but you wouldn’t know it if you read this MTV piece about a reading that took place last night in Manchester. MTV wrote that the event was “in honor of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul,” quoting several gushing Paul fans.

There’s just one problem: The event’s organizers tell the Worcester Telegram & Gazette that it wasn’t a Paul rally, and estimate that in a crowd of 50-70 people, only four or five were Paul supporters. They say MTV even took lines from poems out of context to make them appear pro-Paul. “There was definitely a liberal slant to most of what was read,” says one organizer, adding that MTV “was fully aware of what type of show was going on, and just chose to ignore it.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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