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This post isn’t so much about poetry, as it is about poets, about how we take care of each other as poets – as people. It is my firm belief that our biggest, most important duty in this world, and by extension, this community, is to take good care of one another* – you know, basic stuff like be kind, and if you can’t be kind then at least don’t be a jerk, listen more than speak, and speak the truth when we do speak, not cheat or misrepresent, feed each other when we’re hungry, help lift up the end when stuff is too heavy.**

Today I’m asking you to help lift up some heavy stuff. One of our own, Tara Hardy, has been hit with a medical condition, and she has no health insurance, and the community is raising funds for her here. A significant amount has already been raised, but it’s still only enough to cover her for a little while on what could be a chronic condition, so fundraising continues. You can donate a lot or a little, and you can donate so no one else sees how much you donate. And if you’re unable to donate in money, you can also donate a book of your poetry for an upcoming poetry event fundraiser. Let’s pull together and help – every little bit counts.

Here’s some more information from the IndieGoGo page:

Dear Friends, Family, Poets, Lovers of Life and Words,

Two months ago, our dear friend and loved writer Tara Hardy went to the emergency room. She was extremely fatigued and little red spots were appearing on her legs and cheeks. When doctors told her that the platelets were low in her blood, so low that it was a miracle that her brain didn’t suddenly hemorrhage, she found herself with a sudden life threatening (but un-diagnosed) condition.

Being both stubborn and proud, Tara told only close friends and struggled to pay for mounting medical bills on a poet’s salary. She is still without a diagnosis, but in a dire medical struggle, and her savings is gone.

Maybe you have been inspired by Tara’s work as a poet, queer activist, teacher, or performer. If any of these is true, please donate.

Tara’s community in Seattle is organizing a benefit on February 23 at the Fremont Abbey called BOOST: Poetry to Uplift Your Spirits, and that money will help. But, it’s not enough.

We need to raise $10,000 to help Tara with one year of medical care. Any amount helps. If 200 people each gave $50, we could do it.

You can make a donation right on this page. You can also post an encouraging message. We believe that helps too.
Kristina Armenakis
Daemond Arrindell
Patch Avery
Ela Barton
Greg Bee
Sara Brickman
Debbie Carlsen
Elaina Ellis
Karen Finneyfrock
Andrea Gibson
Maya Hersh
Marc Mazique
Kathleen Nacozy
Sonya Renee
Casey Tonnelly


*For clarification, this is not the same as controlling each other. We good now?
**And if we can’t do those things, then stuff starts to go down the tubes – it’s a natural consequence of too many assholes in one place that the sewer gets blocked up and everyone ends up in the shit.




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