February 5th – William James, Youth Slam Semis


William James once shot his sister in the back of the head with a BB gun; she retaliated immediately with a rake to the back of his skull. Both of them still bear the markings of this misadventure years later. This has nothing to do with poetry whatsoever, except for perhaps explaining the reason why he tends to speak in poems even when he tries not to.

A member of the Steel City Poetry Slam in Pittsburgh PA, as well as the underground music community, William mixes the ferocity and sledgehammer subtlety of punk rock with the refined art of the literary world. Whether it’s
with a snarl, or a grin, he is dedicated to bringing as much passion, sincerity, and intensity to his craft as a mere mortal can.

He is a fan of typewriters, coffee, and all cats.

Also that night, we’ll have the semi-finals for the Worcester Youth Slam! Come out and cheer for the youts as they slam it out for the last time before finals and team pickin’s!

We’ll be at the WCUW Frontroom (910 Main Street, Worcester). Doors open at 7 – see you there!


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