George Washington Barbi by Bleu InspireWe’re awfully close to Valentine’s Day, people. But we’re not there yet and, let’s be real – there’s plenty of love poetry. But we at the Poet’s Asylum believe that there’s a dearth of poems about plum pudding, the birth of Abraham Lincoln or Barbie (2/12 is the first day that the old girl ever went on sale – and 2/12 is also the national day for and the birthday of, respectively). Bring your most bizarre and celebratory poetry for an extended open mic (more spots and a 5-10m time limit) – about anything other than love. It’s not anti-hearts and chocolate but there’s plenty of other things to love about February 12th.

Also that night, we’ll have the semi-finals for the Worcester Youth Slam! Come out and cheer for the youts as they slam it out for the last time before finals and team pickin’s!

Free (we do love a donation) and all ages. We’ll be at the WCUW Frontroom (910 Main Street, Worcester). Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7 – see you there!


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