Bring Out Yer Books!


Ever read a book that was SO GOOD that you totally want to share it around? Well! From the Worcester T&G this morning comes this neat bit of news on a really cool project:

…“The Give and Take,” a simple idea of the Friends of the Worcester Public Library. It consists of a shelf of donated library books that was installed a few weeks ago inside Worcester’s Union Station. The idea could hardly be simpler: Take a book, read it at your leisure, and return that book or another one in its place.

In one sense, “The Give and Take” is just what readers and friends have always done — loaned and borrowed books to and from one another. The idea is familiar and can be seen at work in company cafeterias, senior centers, and even libraries — basically, wherever books can be found. But putting a bunch of books where commuters can grab them, and doing it on the honor system, is taking public literacy to a new level.

Read the rest of the article here.


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