May 27th – Liz’ Birthday Bash!


It’s Liz’s birthday!  Liz Slam time! Well, it’s a Liz’s birthday and today, we’re spreading the love for all things Liz.  Before the show, the inimitable Liz Heath will offer a workshop at the WCUW station from 5:30 to 6:30.  At 7p, our usual open mic will proceed, but we’re going to have a fun, monetarily significant slam.  The multi-round slam will involve famous Lizes (the cover round), smelly Lizes (think Claiborne) and, of course, the literary Liz (it’s all about the saintly Bishop).  Bring a birthday haiku and win extra points each round if your name is Elizabeth ( or if you change it just for the slam). 

To recap, workshop (5:30-6:30), open mic (starting at 7), Liz Slam after the open!  Doors at 6:30p, show at 7p, free and all ages.  Donations accepted.  Snacks! We’ll be at the WCUW Frontroom (910 Main Street, Worcester)  – can’t wait to see you there!


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