January 6th – Michael Monroe


After being dragged to “some kinda poetry event” by his OkCupid.com date in 2008 (something about semi finals to pick a team for the National Poetry Slam, or whatever), Michael Monroe thought this would utterly waste the reluctant electricity needed to amplify the World’s Worst Crap Ever. Boy was he wrong. After re-hinging his gaping jaw, he concluded that his pursuits as a proficient fire-spinner, jazz pianist and ax juggler were clearly boring, and he’s worked to refine his writing and performance skills ever since (the online dating experiment didn’t last the month). Four years later he leads workshops, wins slams, features on teams and regularly tours New England bringing a memorable blend of poignancy, humor and depth to audiences. He was the Development Director for the 2011 (and now 2013) National Poetry Slam coming to Boston this August! He likes dogs and cats. Doors at 6:30, show at 7 – all ages and free free free; coffee and snacks by donation.


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