Hello, April, it’s Poetry Month – 30×30 Time


30/30 Poetry Challenge

WordXWord Celebrates National Poetry Month with a Challenge for All

Pittsfield, MA – April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, WordXWord is sponsoring the third annual 30/30 Poetry Challenge and everyone is invited to participate. 30/30 is fun, challenging and for everyone: poets, aspiring poets, amateurs, and those that have never even tried before.

The 30/30 Poetry Challenge is like boot camp for creativity. It doesn’t matter where you start, what your experience is, what your confidence level is, what your skill level is; anyone who takes the challenge wins. For thirty days, participants take a few moments daily to give thought to the creative organization of words in response to a simple prompt.

Poems can be as short or long, funny or sad, safe or wild as the poets like. In past years, poets have included bankers, realtors, chefs, DJs, students, teachers, and retirees, as well as published authors. The 30/30 Challenge is a “no judgement zone” – the point is simply to do it.

How It Works
Individuals sign up online (www.3030poetry.com) to receive the daily prompt. Beginning March 30th, a writing prompt is provided by email and posted on the web. Participants have 24 hours to compose and submit their poem based on the prompt. All poems are published on the 30/30 web page for the appropriate date.

Wait, there’s more . . .
In addition to publishing 30/30 poems to the 3030poetry.com and 3030poetrykids.com websites, poems will pop up around North Street in Pittsfield and poets will be encouraged to post twitter-sized poems and poem-fragments to Twitter using the hashtag #3030poetry. A challenge-completion celebration is planned for April 30 at yBar.

More information
For more information visit www.3030poetry.com or for information about the kids challenge visit www.3030poetrykids.com.


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