April 28th – Dan Lewis


Dan Lewis is a poet residing in Worcester, Massachusetts. While his true vocation is poetry, over the years he has made his living as a retail clerk, milk tester, wire stripper, fish cutter, librarian, typist, freelance editor, and technical writer.  A longtime board member of the Worcester County Poetry Association, he was for many years the layout editor of The Worcester Review and the creator of numerous broadsides celebrating the work of visiting poets. Currently he is part of a collaborative of four poets and four visual artists who are exploring connections to one another’s work.  Lloyd Schwartz selected his poem, “Windraker” as winner of the 2012 Frank O’Hara Prize. Doors at 6:30, show at 7 – all ages and free free free; coffee and snacks by donation.


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  1. Hello. I am seeking permission to reproduce a photo of me (as “Beth Sweeney”) taken when I featured at a Poets Asylum reading, hosted by Liz Heath, in September 2008. I have a copy of the photo, although I couldn’t find it in your archives (the link seemed to go to another site). It may be that Liz took the photo — I’m not sure. What I need is a brief statement asap allowing me to reproduce it as an author photo.

    Sorry — couldn’t figure out where on the site to ask, so I’m just posting this blindly!

    • No problem, Elizabeth – I’ll check in with Liz tonight and see if she knows who took the photo. I’m pretty sure it would be fine =) You can email me at applebatiks at gmail dot com


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