This is Just to Say


Thank you!

Good morning, Internets!  I slept for 11 hours last night* and, woke refreshed and ready to clean up the last details of our 24-Hour Reading. Today I’ll be making recipe cards and mailing off the fresh bread, and then getting books, stickers, and tee-shirts** ready for tomorrow’s mail.

What a great weekend it was – cooking and playing with you all in my kitchen, hanging out with Sam Teitel (yes, even during the Fifty Shades of WTF portion x.x), getting loud and shuffling the piles of papers with Nick Davis, reading DJ Dotty P and Denise Levertov  with Sarah Sapienza, hawking tee-shirts with Bill MacMillan, enjoying cucumber sandwiches and scotty dog cookies and tea with Jenith Charpentier and guests, singing with Liz Heath – so much fun!
With your participation and donations to our fundraising efforts over the last month, the bulk of which happened this weekend, we have surpassed our goal of $1,000 to cover hotel and registration for the 2013 Worcester Slam team at the National Poetry Slam in just a few weeks (August 12-17). THANK YOU!

I want to thank especially, the folks who tuned in over the weekend and played with is on UStream chat – we had so much fun interacting with everyone – you officially made the 24 a Good Time. Dude, I had So. Much. Fun!

And I want to take this opportunity to send a shout-out to our contributors. Thank you again, Elu, Jen Busfield, Rackle, Joe Wilson, Joe Provo,*** Eric Fair, Nathan Amadon, Matt Richards, David Glidewell, Karen G, Maryellen Kenney, Joe Fusco, Liz Morin, Frances Gill, Heather MacPherson, Bob Gill, Ted Blackler, Dmitry and Amy Berenson, Paula Lambert, and the Heath Family. Thank you so much for helping us meet ends just in time for the competitions!


*Oh, What A Joy!
**The non-perishable stuff, natch
***Joe! I totally just put 2+2 together, and realize that you were jzp on the Ustream chat!


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  1. Heh – totally cool. I blanked on the whole bread thing, so when it showed up it was a pleasant surprise! We’re happy to support the team.

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