Closing Up


Friends & Fans of the Worcester Poets’ Asylum,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that, after October 6th, the Poets’ Asylum will no longer be hosting a weekly reading. We are going on an extended hiatus & will return sometime next year, but in a new & smaller form.

For almost 25 years we have striven to provide a space for both new & established poets to share their work. We have presented over 1,200 open mics, over 600 feature poets (& paid out over $35,000 to them), hosted iWPS & NorthBeast, & fielded 15 slam teams. When we started there were no weekly poetry readings in Worcester County. Now there is a reading almost every night. We hope that you will continue to support the growth of poetry in the area.

The Worcester Poetry Slam will be transferring to the hands of our friends at The Dirty Gerund. Over the next few months they will be announcing the new format & telling you about some very exciting things they have planned. There are some wonderful things ahead for the Worcester Poetry Slam, so keep your eyes open.

As for now, the Poets’ Asylum will host two more readings:

September 29th we will be featuring Adam Stone & having an open mic.

October 6th will be our final night. We will be having an extended open mic & final send-off.

On the night of the 6th, we’ll also be selling off all of the Asylum merchandise (tee shirts, CDs, stickers, books) to help pay off our bills. This is our last waltz, so we hope you’ll come dance with us one last time.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years, read on our stage, listened in the audience, shared our words, offered us a home, & been a family to us. You are the reason we have done this for so long.

Thank You to the Worcester Artist’ Group, Lucky’s Café, Eleni’s Midnight Café, Java Hut, The Q, The Nu Café, & WCUW-FM for providing us a space to be who we are.

Thank You Worcester for being our Home. We hope we did you proud.

With Love & Gratitude,

-The Poets’ Asylum Staff.


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  1. Wow, Poets’ Asylum. So sorry to hear the community you’ve helped build and inspire is going to be losing you. I hope you’re going out on your own terms, and I know you should be proud of all you’ve brought to NorthBEAST.

    Sue MacMillan offered me my first US poetry feature back in 2006, when I was first starting out in spoken word. It was so tremendously kind of her, and I have fond memories of Java Hut, Q, and Nu Café. You guys have been the class of the 508 for more than a decade. Take a low bow and a long nap, okay? Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, for our friends, and for NorthBEAST.

    -Artie Moffa

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