Next Up!


Ok, so we talked about New Incarnations! About Bold Next Moves! About Cool Projects! Right?


It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that a handful of Asylum staff are pulling together with Doublebunny Press to present the Rabbit Heart 2014 Poetry Film Festival – and that submissions are now open \o/

The Scoop:

This film festival is about bringing together poetry and the visual arts at the intersection of film. Anyone can make a video of a poet reading a poem, but that’s not what Rabbit Heart is looking for. What we’re looking for is what you can do visually with a poem, without showing performance. Use the poem as your soundtrack, add sound effects and music if you’d like, and let that be your springboard for what happens visually – show, don’t tell, and do it up hella good.

More information and links to the submission page right here.

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