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If you want us to do something for your generous donation (see some stuff we’re accepting donations for below), be sure to comment in your PayPal screen, and below in comments – we’ll be happy to appease you in (almost) any way! Comments here will be open, and we’ll be monitoring business as it happens.

Ok, so here’s the scoop: Saturday, TONIGHT starting at 8pm and ending on Sunday just in time for the reading at the WCUW Frontroom, you can tune in on Page 24 of the blog (right here) or catch up right on our Ustream page (yup, right here), as the 2013 Worcester Slam Team, their coach and hangers on tell you poems, play with action figures, bake bread and make food, read you science fiction, sing and dance, and generally have a pajama party for 24 hours, all in the name of raising funds to get the team to Boston for Slam Nationals in a few weeks. There’s a snazzy donate button (right below this), and we’ll have comments open so you can get in on the action. Come be part of the fun, right in your own living room! Read on for The schedule of readers and a list of the expected shenanigans. Want to support the team before or after this 24-hour extravaganza? You can donate at the button below, or you can always pick up a sticker or two =) Thank you in advance!

Donate Button<- click this shiny button to donate to the 2013 Worcester Slam Team today!

Again, comments will be open on the day/night/day of the event so you can tell us what you would like to see happen! You can also leave your desires (keep it clean, friend) in the comments on your donation =)

The Schedule – What the heck is going to be happening at this shindig, anyway?

8pm Saturday – 11:15pm
We’ll be kicking off the evening, this being Saturday, with Science Fiction and beers bread baking! Sou MacMillan, the team’s coach, will be reading stories and excerpts from lovely weird stuff, both famous and her own, and baking some delicious ciabatta bread. For a $2 donation, you can score a recipe card written (legibly, even) in her own hand, and the highest donator* during this segment will have the finished loaves mailed to them on Monday morning (mmmmm!). Also, a $3 contribution will get her to stop the stories and read you a poem! OR! Present a hand-rabbit “puppet” show!

*donations must be over $10, in order to cover postage. Otherwise, we (and by “we” I mean the team and their entourage) eat it here, on the air, in front of gawd n’ everybody.

11:15pm Saturday – 2:30am Sunday
For the first hour and a half or so, Sam Teitel will read both of his published books in their entirety, and record it. When that is finished you will be able to go to a page that he’ll set up, and download both “audiobooks” for $10 each. In whatever time is remaining Sam will read his favorite poems by other people, but will also be taking requests. He’ll read anything you want (excluding hate speech) for $1 a page. For a $20 donation he’ll read (dramatically, natch) a chapter of your choice from Fifty Shades of Grey. For an additional $20 he will stop reading from Fifty Shades of Grey until somebody else donates $20 for him to start again.

2:20am Sunday – 5:45am
Nick Davis brings us through the wee hours with shenanigans galore! For $5 dollars he’ll grab a poem out of his Bag of Embarrassment (everything he wrote in high school and earlier) and read it for your entertainment. A $10 donation gets him to pull something out of the Box of Terrible (all sorts of bad news. Things like hot sauce shooters and vermin traps, omigod.**) and subject himself to such while trying to be poetic. For a mere $20 donation, he will improv on any subject you’d like, then transcribe and send it the next day via email. A $50 donation will prompt Nickl to call anyone you want, and read them a poem as we broadcast.

**It’s ok. We have 911 on speed dial.

5:45am Sunday – 9am
Sarah Sapienza comes on the air as the earth begins to warm this fine Sunday morning. She will read all her favorite and mostly feminist/queer stuff. For any donation, she will read her own work! Expect to hear Sexton, Piercy, Levertov, and Lorde. And siken! And Oliver!

9am Sunday – 12:15pm
Bill MacMillan is on for the before-lunch hours with the Shirt Off My Back promotion: Bill will be wearing various t-shirts from his collection over the course of the reading. For a donation of $25 he will take the shirt off his back and mail it to you (or hand deliver it if you are local-ish) . Also, Bill will be performing some of his longer pieces this morning. Some have not been read in public since their debut, some have not been heard in 15 years. Like Bill’s poetry? For a $10 donation he’ll take your request and dedicate it to you.

12:15pm Sunday – 3:30pm
Hooray hooray for High Tea with Jenith! Jenith Charpentier will read favorite pieces from other authors, selected at random from her mobile library. Dramatic readings of tea-related nursery rhymes can be purchased for a $1 donation. In-person donations are also accepted (whee – guests!) To receive an invitation to tea, message Jenith in comments here, with an e-mail address*** or inquire ahead of time – you’ll get to wear a fancy hat and read your favorite work over a cuppa (fancy hats will, of course, be provided to any visitors who appear for tea without). A $2 donation will get you hat switch or a tea switch! Or perhaps a fanceh fanceh hat for Flat Stanley Kunitz >.>

***If you don’t want to leave your email in the comments (which will be unscreened the night/day/night of the event), feel free to drop a note to your fanceh blogmistress at – she’ll pass the note along to Jenith.

3:30pm Sunday – 6:45pm
Liz Heath will be broadcasting in the final on-air spot this afternoon into evening. She will be reading a mix of her own poems, favorite poems, and favorite songs (both singing and just reading lyrics). However, just to make things interesting, you can donate money a Special Performance! For $2 she’ll perform a dramatic reading of a song or read any request (excluding hate speech). For $4, she’ll sing the song. Requests can be made – if she doesn’t know it, she can’t really sing it, but she may make an effort anyway! Some examples that could be fun, include Jabberwocky (yes, she knows the song – 2 versions actually), Waltzing Matilda (not the Tom Waits version), Leaving on a Jet Plane (nothing witty, just a pretty song), When I’m Gone (the cup song), and Call Your Girlfriend (also a cup song) – of course, for everything else, there’s Google and a good sense of improvisation.

The last little bit of the 24-hour reading will not be broadcast, alas, because we do not have wi-fi service at the reading space, but you can come down and check it out in person! Sunday night at the Poets Asylum it’s the return of the Box of Doom Slam! Meet us at the WCUW front Room stage for live live LIVE hijinks! There’ll be promts, pages, and other mishegoss in the Box. Come and stick your hand in there, and slam with what comes up – it could even be Flat Stanley >.> Good Tiemz! This happens after the regular open mic, so don’t forget to bring your poems for the stage. Doors at 6:30, show at 7 – all ages and free free free; coffee and snacks by donation.

Also, you can totally still make a $3 donation and pick up a fanceh sticker here.

I’m Flat Stanley Kunitz, and I approve of these shenanigans!

The Poets’ Asylum thanks you in advance for your support – your donations are going to make the this Best Poetry Slam Nationals Evar! ::MWAH!::


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