Sarah Sapienza is a long-time talker. Coming to Massachusetts from Vermont by way of Washington by way of Vermont, Sapienza has taught and performed in high schools and colleges, psychiatric hospitals, frat houses and poetry slams around the world. She is the only person she knows to have competed on a youth and adult slam team in tandem, she speaks just enough Italian to get herself into trouble and she thinks that Red Sox hat looks really good on you.



Liz Heath, Miss Liz-o, of Jefferson Massachusetts, is a quad shot of artistic espresso: musician, actress, writer and painter, add cafiene and watch her spin out. Poetry was never really a big thing for her until she set foot in the Asylum open mic. Ever since that fateful day in early 2006, she has been writing feverishly, inspired by the way things are around her and life stories she could never tell her parents. She is loyal to the Asylum reading, but ventures forth into readings unknown and enjoys listening to what others have to say.

She is a student of Liberal Arts, which isnt as important as poetry and hopes to one day own a bakery full of donuts and dirty things. Her favorite color is blue, she likes short walks on the beach and romantic dates by herself, but perfers falling with leaves in the woods. She lives with her parents in Jefferson, and has one cat, but is willing to give that up for a life of roaming around the country barefoot with a guitar and a notebook.


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