Can’t Press Gang the Poets’ Asylum


WORCESTER, MA – Tonight at Hotel Vernon’s Ship Room, competitors from poetry readings across the city smacked down at the first ever Inter Worcester Slam Off,  hosted by the After 9 Poetry Series. Teams from the Little A, the Dirty Gerund, and Poets’ Asylum competed in three rounds for bragging rights and a bit of cash, to boot.

Bobby Gibbs donned the captain’s hat, and business got started shortly after eight-thirty with much swearing, peanut shell throwing, and a healthy open mic.  While the competition in the slam was fierce,* the Poets’ Asylum was even fiercer. Kudos to Brandi MacDonald, Sou MacMillan, Liz Heath, and Sarah Sapienza for handily taking the night, and bringing home a little something towards the rent at WCUW.

Which is to say, congratulations, Poets’ Asylum, you word pirates ARRR – let th’ braggin’ begin!

*And also, a little weird. For example, Cowboy Matt played some mandolele, and Nick Davis got backup from a full drumkit. And Alsan stripped down to dirty skivvies.  No – really.


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